5 Easy Ways To Make A Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

If you’re looking to bring your personal style to a rental apartment, you can paint accent walls, use repurposed pieces and even plant some plants. Just make sure you don’t paint over the walls, or you will have a hard time finding a new tenant. You can also add a personal touch with artwork, wall sconces and beautiful frames. Incorporate these ideas into your rental apartment and it will be instantly more homey!

Paint accent walls

While renting an apartment, you are likely to face many restrictions on personalizing your space. You can’t renovate, so you must use the furniture and accessories in your apartment to make it your own. To give your place personality, consider painting accent walls. Although not always welcome, landlords are usually fine with you painting the walls of their rental properties. However, it’s important to remember that you must check your lease terms before painting any walls.

Decorate with repurposed pieces

One of the easiest ways to make a rented apartment feel more like a home is to repurpose pieces you already have. Old mirrors and bottles make perfect wall decor, and you can find them in a variety of colours. You can even attach them to a wooden panel or glass frame. Using wire, hang these pieces on the wall. Old CDs can be used as art as well, and you can place them on a sturdy backdrop.

Create a drop zone in your apartment

A drop zone is a perfect place for your bags, shoes, and winter essentials to be out of sight. A chair and hooks will make the space more useful and practical. Purchasing a dresser with a small, shallow drawer can also serve as a convenient place to store your winter essentials. In addition, you can purchase inexpensive baking sheets from the dollar store and use them to keep your floor free of crumbs.

Add plants

One of the easiest ways to make a rental feel more like home is to add plants. Whether you have a small potted tree on a window sill or a small cottage rose in a corner, a few different kinds of plants will bring different textures and colors into the space. You can also purchase decorative planters that add visual appeal to your apartment. A small hanging plant will add a touch of nature to your rental apartment, and you will be surprised at how well it will go with your new decor.

Customise your living space

Changing the decor of your rented apartment can be a challenge, but the results are worth it. While there are certain limitations when it comes to personalisation, these can be mitigated through creativity. Here are some tips to help you customise your living space. Read on to discover some of the best ways to customize your rented apartment. Here are some simple tips to personalise your rented apartment.

Start new traditions

Creating traditions is a great way to connect with your new home and bring your family closer together. You can start a new tradition by selecting a scent and buying matching scented items. Everybody’s emotional response to a particular scent will differ. Choose one that brings back fond memories and is associated with a positive experience. By starting new traditions, your rented apartment will feel like a home in no time.